A walk in the park for the Senior Center

The Gilroy Senior Advisory Board will hold its annual walk at Las Animas Park next month to raise funds for the Senior Center.
Typically, the seniors are bussed to San Francisco to participate in the walk, but this year, without funds for the vehicle, seniors and anyone else who would like to help can take a walk in the park.
Walkers are asked to get sponsors, and the money will go to help the senior center put on a variety of activities and events at the center.
Some options include art classes, raffle prizes, decorations and birthday celebrations, according to senior coordinator Sylvia Bell, who hopes to get volunteers to teach classes and pay for materials using the money.
”We don’t have a big budget, so anything will help,” she said.
In the past, the seniors have walked across the San Francisco Bay to help raise money for the center.
”I low they feel after is such a sense of accomplishment that they walked across the Golden Gate Bridge,” Bell said. —Most of them are here every day.”
The walk is open to seniors and those who would like to help the center raise money.
”Anything is great because it is all coming hack to the center, and that’s how we are going to he able to do things for next year,” Bell said.
The walk will take solace at Las Animas Park from l0 a.m. to 3 p.m. on May 22.
Those interested in participating can call 848-0465 for more information or registration forms.

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