A play for today’s youth: ‘Es MI Vida’

A San Jose theater group will stage a free production of a play about the issues youth face in everyday life.
The play, “It’s MY Life! Es MI Vida!” is put on by youth for youth and will pertain to the lives of those in Gilroy, according to Rachel Munoz, a Gilroy community services officer.
About 20 different community agencies, including Kaiser Permanente and Gilroy Rotary Club, are sponsoring the production.
“The whole reason for getting this play is to have youth talk to youth,” Munoz said. “This performance is played out by youth addressing important social issues in the lives of culturally diverse youth of the Gilroy community.”
The play, put on by Teatro Familia Aztlan of San Jose, is expected to last about an hour and a half Friday and will be followed by a half hour discussion session. A reception will follow the discussion.
The agencies involved have dedicated the play to the youth of Gilroy.
“It’s really an extension of the work we’re already doing among the young people, and it’s an opportunity to bring the youth together,” said Tom Joyce of South County Housing, a sponsor ..
Sponsors expect to attract about 450 people, and Suellen Rowlison of the Theater Angels Art League hopes that it may get youth interested in drama.
“The kids see the opportunity to get involved, and hopefully, they’ll recruit youth for a workshop, and in the future, Gilroy will be able to do its own, “It’s My Life,”‘ she said.
The message of the play, which will deal with such issues as gangs, drugs, violence, AIDS and pregnancy, is that youth are ultimately responsible for their lives.
“The kids come to learn that it’s their life, and they make the decisions,” Joyce said.
While the play is focused on youth, it is open to everyone.
“This is a community event,” Munoz said. “We want families and youth.”
The play will take place at the South Valley Junior High School cafeteria, 385 100F Ave. on Friday, April 30. Doors open at 6 p.m. and close at 6:45 p.m. The show starts at 7 p.m. Details: 846-0340.