Might be wise to think about buying and producing more of our own goods in the U.S.

We often approach situations with reaction rather than

We often approach situations with reaction rather than reflection. Let me preface my remarks by saying that I understand the need for a global community and for international trade. I am also concerned for the families that are most impacted by the current situation regarding the dock workers. That said, let me offer a couple of thoughts prompted not only by this situation but also by recent articles in the paper.

Perhaps we should be looking anew at our current broader economic situation. It might be wise if we produced more of our goods in the United States. One example would be the cute Garlic Bobblehead Herbies which could be shipped here from a producer in Washington state instead of sitting in a container on a ship waiting to arrive from China.

Another example would be the use of locally grown produce including garlic for which we have no need of imports. I understand that there are some crops, especially tropical fruits and coffee, that are not grown in the United States, but generally this is not the case. The need for other produce not dependent upon foreign shipments is one reason why we need local agriculture to be maintained. Another is the richness of the local soil, not like the central valley where 200,000 acres are being retired from farm production to reduce the problems of salinity caused by poor drainage. Our soil here is much more fertile and regularly supports several crops per year.

In this country and any community we have many options to consider.

Janet Espinosa, Gilroy

Submitted Monday, Oct. 14