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Left, freshman Keisha Webster goes all out to save an errant

Lady Rams leveled by SJCC, 52-40.
GILROY – The Gavilan College women’s basketball team suffered a crushing 52-40 home loss Tuesday to visiting San Jose Christian College.

“We didn’t show up to play today. We played really lazy in the first half, picked it up in the second half, (but) not enough to win,” said second-year head coach Michelle Mannisto of her team’s performance. “It was a bad game.”

The leading scorer of the game was Webster with 13 points. The other top Gavilan scorers were freshman guard Noreen Bailey with five points, sophomore forward Antionette Bowe with six points, point guard Stacey Perrien with six points and freshman guard Nicole Donley with 10 points.

“I could have been better,” Webster said. “It’s like I had an up-and-down night, but overall it was down.”

The Warriors scored six seconds into the first half, with the Rams answering right back, scoring just seconds later. The game was played like that for the first few minutes of the game, with the Rams keeping up the Warriors.

The Lady Rams took a quick 6-5 lead on Bowe’s free throw shot, but was quickly taken away. It would be the only lead the Rams had for entire game.

San Jose Christian scored another three times before the Rams put some points on the board. That didn’t stop the Warriors for they scored another three buckets before fouling Bowe again, who put another point on the board. The scoring went back and forth for the rest of the half, but the Rams couldn’t seem to get their lead back. At the end of the first half, the score was 21-17 Warriors.

The Lady Rams came out in the second half looking better even though San Jose scored first. That didn’t phase them one bit. At 16:58, Bailey scored a huge three-pointer – bringing the Rams within two points. San Jose didn’t waste any time to answer back, but they didn’t expect the Lady Rams to counter them. Webster scored a two pointer at 15:34, again bringing the Lady Rams within two points.

Two free throw shots gave the Warriors a three point lead, but Donley brought the Rams within two points once more. She then tied the game at 27-27 on her free throw shot. But Gavilan could not hold on to that lead for long as seconds later the Warriors scored three and wouldn’t let the Rams come within two points.

A free throw shot by Donley made the score 33-28 Warriors but the Lady Rams did not score again until 9:09 with a shot made by Webster. The Lady Rams scored four more times after that with two free throw shots. The Warriors continued to score constantly. The ending score came to be 52-40 San Jose Christian.

“We have some knots to work out,” Bowe said. “Once we get those out, we’ll be fine. We’ll beat some teams.”

The Rams were missing two players due to illness, guard April Due was on the sidelines and forward Milica Reynolds has only played one game all season. The Rams are 2-7 on the season.

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