DeBell Preserve; Garcia Open

The following individuals and organizations deserve either
CHEERS or JEERS this week:
The following individuals and organizations deserve either CHEERS or JEERS this week:

CHEERS: For the addition of Dennis DeBell’s name to the Uvas Creek Park Preserve. His million-dollar bequest to the city helped restore the beautiful acreage surrounding the creek that beckons Gilroyans to take a quiet streamside walk. Though some of DeBell’s earnest money washed away in an ill-conceived plan to turn the creek’s path into a pretty “S” shape, his gift enabled the city to clean and restore an area that had been long neglected. The Uvas Levee and the surrounding area are by far the most used recreational spots in the city. That’s a legacy the DeBell family can be proud of and one the community is now publicly and rightfully thankful for. The “DeBell Uvas Park Preserve” has more than a nice ring to it, it has the treasures of nature waiting to be discovered in the middle of an increasingly urban setting.

JEERS: For School Trustee David McRae’s apology regarding his letter to the editor on the use of e-mail and the Web for communication in public schools. McRae’s original comments were worthwhile and appropriate. We hope he develops thicker skin and a bit more courage regarding his convictions. “Getting in line” isn’t always the road that leads to the best result.

JEERS: For Charter Cable TV. Surprise, the company missed yet another “deadline” to complete work on a citywide upgrade. Now the Council is planning what is apparently a meeting to allow citizens to publicly flog the company. What’s the point? Gilroy had a chance to not re-sign with Charter and didn’t. Now the citizens are stuck, and guess who should really be publicly flogged?

CHEERS: For all those who did a beautiful job on staging the First Annual Jeff Garcia Open Golf Tournament at Eagle Ridge. Organizers Frank Filice and his daughter-in-law Katherine made the first tournament so enjoyable that even the crazy hailstorm and rain couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm. And, of course, Jeff Garcia’s graciousness and generosity are becoming as legendary as his football prowess. In giving back to the community that helped lay the groundwork for his success at the 49ers star quarterback, he continues to make us all proud and thankful we are represented by such an outstanding person. Proceeds from the tournament will bolster the Gilroy High and Gavilan College football programs as well as the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Great job by everyone involved.