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What a response!: Red Phone readers really stepped up to the
plate regarding a recent caller’s question about finding ‘Support
Our Troops’ yellow ribbons.
What a response!: Red Phone readers really stepped up to the plate regarding a recent caller’s question about finding ‘Support Our Troops’ yellow ribbons. A sampling of the calls received follow. Thanks to everyone who called in.

• “You had a question on the Red Phone about the yellow ribbons. I found them over at Linens and Things, they’re usually right by the checkout stand.”

• “Hi, you can find those magnets at Linens and Things. They have pink ones for breast cancer, both the yellow and red, white and blue ones to support our troops. And I think they’re $2.50.”

• “I’m calling in response to the ‘Yellow Ribbon Whereabouts.’ I was shopping at Wal-Mart and … in the hunting and fishing section, I saw them sitting on the counter for sale. Hope that helps.”

• “Hi, you can find the yellow ribbons and the red and white magnetic ones at Wal-Mart. Go back to sporting goods and someone can show you where they’re at. I think they run about $1.50.”

• “Your article on the yellow ribbons, I got mine through a member of our NARF organization in Salinas. He got it from someone who had gone to Hawaii where they’re originating from and he’d brought some to the States and was selling them to us and our members. So that is the main source of them.”

• “I was just reading the Red Phone column and saw someone looking where to but the magnetic ribbons for their cars. I purchased one at the Chevron gas station in Morgan Hill on Cochrane. They still had some left. So you can pass that information on and maybe other gas stations are also selling them.”

• “I’m with Operation Homecoming and we send care packages to Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m in Hollister … and we are selling the magnetic yellow ribbons people are looking for as a fundraiser. They’re $5 each. Please call me (Loretta) with questions at 831-636-8616.”

Please note that Loretta sells the large yellow ribbons, red, white and blue ribbons and camouflage ribbons for $5; small black POW ribbons for $3; and will soon sell Lance Armstrong Livestrong camouflage bracelets for $5. Keep in mind that all proceeds go to Operation Homecoming to send packages to our soldiers.

Didn’t like that photo: “I’m calling about the article on the front page of the Dispatch on Friday (Dec. 24) called ‘The gift of a lifetime.’ I thought it was a really great story, it was written well. I loved the story, but I didn’t like the picture. It looks like she’s flipping off the camera and the guy next to her … he doesn’t look very happy. Overall the article was great, except the picture, I didn’t like it.”

After taking another look at the photo in question, the Red Phone thought that Julie Tomasin, who needed and received a kidney, appeared joyful and was simply gesturing as she spoke. It also noticed that, though her movement blurred the photo, one can easily see that she is not flipping off the photographer – though Red Phone has wanted to on occasion – because all of her fingers are seen. However, it apologizes if you or others were offended.

Naming names?: “I was wondering if you guys were going to publish the names of the people that were placed in the different commissioned positions that you had advertised for. It would be kind of nice to know the names of the people who are involved in those commissions in our own community. Thank you.”

Thanks for the suggestion, caller. The Red Phone passed it on to the editors, who appreciated your interest. Keep an eye out for a future issue with a follow-up story on the city boards and commissions with contact information.

Attention readers: Know of a situation with a streetlight? Problems with potholes? The Red Phone is here to listen to your troubles (but encourages happy thoughts) and do its best to find answers to your burning questions, so give it a call at 842-9070 or send e-mail to [email protected]

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