Final Pigskin Pick ‘Em Standings

And the winner is

It’s been a bittersweet week for local boxer Kelsey Jeffries.

On Monday, she was named the top female boxer in the world.

On Tuesday, an Oklahoma loss to USC prevented her from being named the top “expert” picker in all of South Valley – or at least among the seven all-knowing football genuises that filled our panel all fall.

Picking the Sooners, Virginia Tech and Heisman runner-up Adrian Peterson did her in.

“This is easily worse than anything I’ve ever had to endure in the ring,” a clearly distraught Jeffries said as she fought back tears. “That stupid Virginia Tech coach cost me a chance at another belt. I’ll never forgive him.”

That’s funny … Mark Cummins sent him a late Christmas card. The Live Oak AD and baseball coach went a sterling 8-2 during the final pick ’em and completed his miraculous comeback from the honorary Mixter-Coleman basement.

“I just took it one game at a time and it all paid off in the end,” a clearly ecstatic Cummins said. “Behind the births of my three children and the end of the Live Oak football losing streak – and maybe a few dozen other things – this has to be the one of the greatest moments of my life.”

In the meantime, Jim Johnson and the Edge middled along down the stretch, while Papa Garcia simply starting picking the winners a little too late in the season.

Father Coleman – loyal till the end – never really caught on to that whole “picking the winners” thing.

Cummins did, though … oh, did he ever.

For his efforts, the kings of all things athletic at Live Oak will receive a genuine Haybaler pitchfork, two full buckets of Acorns and three yards of synthetic field turf courtesy of the Gilroy Unified School District.

Congratulations, Mark.


Mark Cummins 92-37

Kelsey Jeffries 91-38

Bobby Garcia 89-40

Jim Johnson 88-41

Brett Edgerton 87-42

Nathan Mixter 86-43

Father Coleman 80-49

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