Green Phone

The just-built softball fence at Gilroy High is apparently
creating quite a stir. Hey, who knew?
Caller 1: I read the story in Tuesday’s paper about the $14,000 maintenance man from the district that built the fence for the girls’ softball program so they could keep up with the boys. If I remember right, the parents of the boys then and coach Wheeler combined to raise $8,000 or $10,000 – something like that – on their own, without help from the district because the district didn’t have the money. It was the parents and coach Wheeler and all the sponsors who donated to make sure the fence at boys’ baseball diamond was built.

Caller 2: Yeah hi, I’m calling about the girls’ softball fence. I just wanna say I’m very angry about the fence. As a parent of a former baseball player at Gilroy High, I just thought it was absolutely ridiculous that the girls sit around and wait for district money to build their fence, when if you look at the boys’ fence that they’re trying to get on par with, it was paid for with fundraisers by the players themselves … not one dime of district money EVER came to pay for that. It’s just unbelievable. I have a couple questions for the coach over there. Why did they have to wait so long for district money when they could’ve just gotten off their own butts and fund-raised themselves? Second of all, did they know that the program she is trying to catch up with has used not one dime of district money ever? Thirdly, I’d like to know if the softball program plans on holding out their hand for all the improvements to the field or are they just going to wait for district money to come for that, too? Absolutely embarrassing.

Green Phone: Geez, who knew that the Hatfields and McCoys set up shop over at the GHS athletic fields? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the truce of holiday spirit has officially expired. Now it’s back to arguing about such important things as dirt and chain-link fences. Head softball coach Julie Berggren assured us her team does plenty of fundraising, but said she’d prefer to stay out of the argument. She let Gilroy athletic director Jack Daley respond to the always-dreaded Attack of the Angry Alumni Parents.

“Under the law Title IX, universities and school districts are required to provide facilities that are equitable for both men’s and women’s programs,” Daley said. “I think our district is to be commended for fulfilling their responsibility to our female athletes. Our softball coaches and their athletes work very hard to raise the funds needed to support their program and will continue to do so to upgrade their facility.

“If anyone would like more information on Title IX they can go to the California Interscholastic Federation Web site at and look under the section on Equity.”

Sounds fair enough to us. Now can’t we all just get along?

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