Softball team worked as hard as baseball team

Dear Editor,

I’d like to respond to the person who blasted the Gilroy High School softball program over the new fence on the Green Phone. But first I want to express my respect for Coach Clint Wheeler, the baseball program and the players.

With much hard word and sacrifice, the baseball program has built a great facility that the entire school can be proud of. Nothing is more dangerous than an uninformed person with a green telephone.

As long as I have been a member of the Gilroy High School program and for many years before that, there has been fund raising. We have done everything from selling doughnuts, pepper steaks, french bread, car washing and collecting garbage at the Garlic Festival. Two years ago we raised enough funds to replace old uniforms and equipment that cost thousands of dollars at no expense to the school district. Our coaches, players and parents have worked their butts off to improve the facility that we are proud to play in. Never have we “sat on our butts” waiting for the district to bail us out.

We have, in fact, raised some money intended to build the fence that will now be used to improve the field. And to answer your third question … yes, we do intend to fund raise and to complete the improvement to the field. If I knew your name, I’d ask you to help support us by placing an advertisement sign on our new fence. My name is Sarah Villar and I am proud to be both a Gilroy softball player and a fan of the Gilroy baseball team.

Sarah Villar, Gilroy

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