A few of Marilyn’s Favorite Things

Marilyn Glover has a few favorite things
… and she’s decided to share them with South County. Glover has
recently opened a store in Morgan Hill using just that name,

Marilyn’s Favorite Things.

Marilyn Glover has a few favorite things … and she’s decided to share them with South County. Glover has recently opened a store in Morgan Hill using just that name, “Marilyn’s Favorite Things.”

You can’t miss the bright yellow giraffe on the sidewalk along Monterey Road on your way to Super Taqueria or the draw of a tastefully decorated show window that says “come look, shop, tell your friends” (at least that’s what the little voice in my head was saying).

Marilyn and Sid Glover have been married nearly 42 years, and Tuesday marked their first day together in their new venture. Sid is retired from a career in high tech sales and Marilyn retired on Monday from Gill Properties.

Marilyn concedes that Sid is her favorite thing, but her dolls and bears come in at a close second. Marilyn explained that she became obsessed with collections after growing up as the only girl among 43 boy cousins.

Her relatives showered her with dolls they had acquired during their travels, but later in life, her oldest brother threw out the doll collection because of – as Marilyn put it – “a little cat hair.”

You won’t find cat hair on the dolls in the store but feathers, feathers, everywhere … on lamps, boas, spouse ticklers (a duster to wake up your spouse – not something found in North Beach), the stuffed (died of natural causes) peacock named Willy, and Chico, the Glover’s pet umbrella cockatoo that greets you with a fantastic puffed display.

Jennifer Tate, former owner of The Seed Company, describes the store as “fun, fabulous! It’s got spirit.” B.J. Tichnin of the former B.J.’s Clothing Store popped in to grant her seal of approval. “It was beautiful! I’m so pleased that Morgan Hill is getting charming little boutiques. I found the store full of whimsy, and touches of Carmel throughout …eye candy. I wish them well.”

The eclectic mix of favorites includes antiques, one of which stood next to us while we sat for an interview.

Carved from teak, the Chinese table and chairs were sent to California for the World’s Fair. They were presumed to be antiques at that time.

As a trained artist, Marilyn boasts an eye for fine art and carries one of her favorite English artist by the of name Simon Bull. “His art contains vibrant florals. We are the only non-gallery displaying Bull’s art.” Art flows into jewelry where many fabulous one-of-a-kind pieces are displayed in the glass cases (reminiscent of Tiffany’s with a better price).

Marilyn carries the “new jade” in nontraditional colors and large, gorgeous, fresh water pearl necklaces (one in pink with matching earrings. Valentine’s Day, honey?) The exquisite Mary Frances handbags are completely unique: no two are alike.

If you love whimsy then try the large, stuffed plush direct from the supplier of FAO Schwartz. Marilyn has a way of finding the right suppliers to keep the store on par with a top notch boutique.

Gravitational pull toward clothes took me to the back room where Marilyn will supply South County with casual and party clothes singular enough so that we don’t see each other coming and going.

Just enough of each color and size to be the talk of the town at coffee or dinner!

Stop, look, shop, buy, and tell your friends. Marilyn’s store is ope from 10am to 6pm.

Ciao for now.

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