Heavy-handed actions by ‘Five Untrustables’ hardly democratic

Dear Editor,

It’s amazing!!! Absolutely amazing!!!

Dennis Taylor works so hard to come across as thoughtful, understanding, knowledgeable and fair. He then starts assembling words and they reveal he continues to be petty, shallow, thoughtless and, of course, always right (so he foolishly believes). In his Jan. 5 hysteric, two of his favorite themes come out again – with little reasoning and less understanding.

1) He says the “election” (to be vice-president of Gilroy Unified School District’s Board) of newcomer “long-time educator Pat Midtgaard”, over three-year Board member Tom Bundros, is “called democracy.” If his definition of democracy is “rule by the majority – right or wrong!” he’s correct.

There are more accurate words to describe this action by four Board Untrustables (a bare majority): revenge and retribution – against Bundros for not sharing the Untrustables’ lynch-mob mentality to destroy teacher Kristin Porter for her challenge to the Board; tyrannical and treasonous – a collective abuse of responsibility that betrayed the trust these Untrustables supposedly hold; mean-spirited, myopic, mendacious – a revelation of what now exists as “leadership” within GUSD.

You call this bare majority’s divisive decision “democracy,” Dennis. I call it highly reprehensible and offensive. These are individuals who should be role models for Gilroy’s children. Now five of seven are revealed as petty ego-strokers steeped in self-righteousness, more interested in their own self-serving greed than in what should be their primary purpose: fulfilling student need.

2) Dennis, when will you stop with the repetition of union-promoted stale rhetoric concerning Wal-Mart? You bemoan it doesn’t pay “livable wages.”

Answer this with facts, not union sniveling – when all standard deductions are removed from (same job) Wal-Mart employee paychecks and union member paychecks – and then monthly union dues are deducted from union members’ checks, how big is the difference then if any?

You claim Wal-Mart has “heavy-handed tactics against workers who want to organize”. Wow, is that a surprise?!? Unions nationwide act as though it’s their right and privilege to enter Wal-Mart any time they so choose to promote their own “heavy-handed tactics” against employees to coerce them into serving the unions with their earned income.

You grouse Wal-Mart is “exporting jobs to China”. That’s called free market competition tactics. Many national firms are doing so to stay afloat – in part because of the impact of ever-escalating and self-serving union demands. Why don’t you discuss this problem in the marketplace today?

Try something totally different in your efforts to remold society to your union-based and democratic-directed world: try thinking your positions through with original thought – not the bleatings of rote-repeating unionites nor left-wing looney-tunes. Do that and you might even come to like yourself.

James Brescoll, Gilr

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