Math teacher missed the point: government has to be within budget

Dear Editor,

In Wednesday’s The Dispatch, Gilroy High math teacher Wayne Scott suggested that my column of last Saturday advocated giving all public employees a raise so that they would be paid 120 percent of average.

He clearly misinterpreted my point. I proposed setting a LIMIT of 120 percent of average salary. If Mr. Scott (or any other teacher) makes less than average, he may need to consider another line of work, like anyone else who hits a salary ceiling in their career. People do it all the time.

Regarding high salaries and posh benefits in the public sector, it boils down to this: People have been largely bamboozled into believing that to get the “best and brightest'” we must pay inflated prices. I’m sure most of us would gladly settle for “second-to-best-and-brightest” if it means staying within budget.

Tom Mulhern, Gilroy

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