Seven cars burglarized overnight along Wren

By Lori Stuenkel

Gilroy – Seven cars were burglarized in a rash of break-ins Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

Most of the incidents, including four along Wren Avenue, likely involved the same suspects because they occurred within a two-hour period. Gilroy police are aware of that time frame because officers on patrol had just reviewed the area without noticing anything out of the ordinary, said Cpl. Veronica Georges.

“They saturated the area for a while, looking for anybody, anything unusual, checking everything out,” Georges said, “but they didn’t find anything.”

Among Wednesday night’s burglaries:

– A thief broke into a 1999 Plymouth Breeze parked on the 800 block of Cumberland Drive between 12:10am and 2:07am and stole a stereo and CDs, value unknown.

– A thief entered an unlocked 1993 Nissan 200SX parked on the 7300 block of Orchard Drive between 12am and 12:32am and stole speakers and an amplifier, value unknown.

– A thief broke the passenger window of a 1992 Honda Accord parked on the 8200 block of Kelton Drive between 4:30pm Tuesday, Jan. 11 and 5:30am Wednesday, Jan. 12 and stole a CD player and CDs, of unknown value.

– A thief broke into four cars parked on the 7300 block of Wren Avenue between 1:20am and 1:30am: A 1992 Toyota Corolla, from which a stereo, toolbox and car speakers were stolen; and a 1998 Chevy S-10, along with a 1997 and 1994 Mitsubishi Galant, from which immigration papers, car stereos, and change were stolen, valued at $560.

Anyone with information regarding these crimes may contact Gilroy police at 846-0350.

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