Amount of time it takes to get fingerprint results back to PD is a crime

Dear Editor,

I, too, was recently was a burglary victim. Our home was broken into on Nov. 29 and we still are waiting for results back on the prints.

In all of Santa Clara County there is one person that is in charge of processing the fingerprints and trying to match them up. The detective (there are two detectives in the sheriff’s office in San Martin) that is handling our case said that anywhere from 20 to 30 cases need fingerprints each day.

So, the person(s) who committed the crime of breaking into my home has ample time to commit even more crimes. If he gets arrested for another crime, he can’t be charged for the crime that was committed against us because they have not processed his fingerprints and, of course, he’s free to commit many other crimes.

The detectives recovered a few of the articles stolen from our home within a week. They were on the case trying to solve it. The sheriffs that took the call were wonderful and both of our detectives in South Country are very hard workers. But without fingerprints the individuals that broke into our house can’t be found.

Budget cuts are affecting our safety. This just doesn’t effect the victims of crimes. Without giving people working in law enforcement the tools to do their jobs it keeps criminals on the street and makes Santa Clara County a little more unsafe for everyone.

Debbie Nash, Gilroy

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