Café introduces innovations in dining

Innovative Asian cuisine is emerging as one of the most popular
dining trends in the United States, presenting the combination of
conventional and inventive culinary styles.
Gilroy – Innovative Asian cuisine is emerging as one of the most popular dining trends in the United States, presenting the combination of conventional and inventive culinary styles. Located in Gilroy, Ginger Café has developed a new approach to creating recipes modified from traditional Chinese cuisine.

Ginger Café’s concept is best described as Chinese cuisine with an Asian “twist.” Many of its unique menu selections are the result of conventional Chinese recipes combined with ingredients and seasonings from other Asian countries.

Located at 8657 San Ysidro Ave., near the Gilroy Premium Outlets, Ginger Café is the area’s only restaurant to have made these developments in Asian cuisine. In addition to the modified menu, its décor is unlike that of most traditional Chinese dining establishments. A more contemporary ambiance is created through the use of dark colors mixed with modern designs, bright accents and subtle lighting throughout both the dining and bar areas.

This progressive environment parallels the ideals of owner and self-taught chef, Tuyen Chung. His skills are constantly evolving, and he is dedicated to continually broadening his culinary talents and enhancing his recipes.

Growing up in Vietnam, Tuyen was exposed to a non-traditional, modified style of cooking at an early age; family recipes were recreated based on the products that were locally available. For example, coconut milk, curry and lemon grass were often used in Vietnam to alter traditional Chinese recipes. Realizing how this exposure to diversity has shaped his success as a chef, Tuyen remains dedicated to expanding his knowledge; each year, he travels to a different Asian country to learn about culinary trends and techniques.

“My cultural and professional backgrounds have led me to develop unique approaches to owning a constantly-evolving restaurant,” said Tuyen. “Each experience and type of cuisine I encounter is seen as an opportunity to expand my knowledge and improve my menu.”

Ginger Café’s menu presents an assortment of enticing appetizers, such as Tempura Prawns, which are served with Teriyaki sauce, and the Vietnamese Crispy Imperial Roll. Salads and vegetarian options are available, including the Vietnamese Noodle Salad and the Thai Curry Vegetarian Duck. The menu also features traditional soups, such as Wonton Soup and Hot and Sour Soup, as well as Three Delight Sizzling Rice Soup, which is an entrée-sized house specialty.

Only the freshest local ingredients are used to create specialty entrees, including the House Sea Bass, which can be fried and served with a spicy mandarin sauce or steamed with ginger scallions. Honey Walnut Prawns are smothered with a sweet creamy sauce and garnished with honey-coated walnuts. Other featured items are the Thai Basil Chicken, the Cubed Top Sirloin Steak LucLuc and the Teriyaki Pork Loin Chop. Lastly, selections of fried rice and noodles are offered, some of which vary from traditional preparation, such as the Pad Thai with peanut sauce.

The menu concludes with a list of unique dessert creations, including Fried Bananas with Ice Cream, the Philippine Cassava Bar and homemade milkshakes.

Lunch specials are available daily from 11am to 3pm and include the daily soup and a choice of steamed or egg-fried rice. Ginger Café also presents a comprehensive catering menu and can accommodate all types of occasions, from small family gatherings to large corporate events.

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