Great group pulls off a wonderful holiday event

Dear Editor,

I recently had yet another opportunity to experience the warmth and responsiveness of our community, with so many willing and caring volunteers.

In November I was asked to co-chair the decorations committee for the Rebekah’s annual Festival of Trees at the Morgan Hill Community Center. I was very apprehensive with so little time to prepare, but my fears proved to be quite unfounded and I had the great experience of working with a number of wonderful, talented people. Co-chair Elaine Lowenstein, Pat Barry, Madeline Smith, and Becky Sorce were all on the committee and all stepped in and worked many hours to see that the Community Center had a festive look for the Rebekah event and for the rest of the holidays.

In addition, Donna Feichtmann of The Party Outlet donated many hours and as well as even more decorations to give an added touch. We are very grateful to Donna and her employees for coming in at the last minute to add their experience and equipment for a wonderful event.

The dinner itself helped raise a significant amount of money to support the indispensable work of the Rebekah Childrens Services in Gilroy, but the experience of working toward a worthy goal with such a great group of caring people was a bonus for all of us who participated.

Laura Brunton, Morgan Hill

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