Teachers union always shouts ‘money is the only answer’ and it’s not

Dear Editor,

Two simple questions for teachers union hack Dale Morejon (Jan. 8):

1. You claim, “48th in funding will get you 48th results,” reflecting California’s pathetic public school test scores. This is false; scholastic outcome is not necessarily dependent on money. Why does the state of Utah constantly achieve among the nation’s top results with the absolute lowest per-pupil spending, Dale?

2. We here in California pay property tax, income tax and sales tax, and each of those is higher than almost all other states, some of which do not even tax income or sales. Consider for example, Nevada has 3 percent sales tax, and Oregon and Montana have none; Tennessee, Texas and Washington, just to name a few, have no income tax. And let’s not forget our gasoline tax, which is supposed to go to the roads but gets diverted to the general boondoggle. We are paying a FORTUNE in tax to this state! Where does all the money go, Dale?

The budget is the responsibility of the legislature, which in this state is as irresponsible as irresponsible gets, much like Morejon and the rest of the liars.

Alan Viarengo, Gilroy

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