Silva’s Crossing part of city’s small-town charm

Dear Editor,

I’m writing in response to Tom Mulhern’s column “a real bridge at Silva’s Crossing.” It is part of the charm of a small town – waiting every year to see if they close the road.

My family has been here for three generations and I now have my 11-year-old nephew living with me. I explained to him why it’s called Silva’s Crossing and we waited for the water to rise. Yes, what was once beautiful farm land, with rolling hills all the “new bee’s” now call home. And yes, across town we have all the stores (talk to the City Council), but in between is my home town with a one-horse post office, giant trees on Miller and Sixth streets and a road I look forward to closing every year, Silva’s Crossing. As so much has changed in Gilroy it is the little things that bring me comfort.

Shawn M.Weymouth, Gilroy

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