Earth to letter writer … attacks on education garbled in transmission

Dear Editor,

The Cassini-Huygens space exploration to Saturn’s moon, Titan, is an amazing feat of scientific research and implementation. Notable in its communications with Earth scientists are semi-comprehensible transmissions from Titan’s lone resident, Alan Viarengo.

Mr. Viarengo’s ramblings about student performance and funding, and how the state is spending its taxes, were alien-speak in its translation’s best. As a former public school instructor at Gavilan Community College, I would have thought Mr. Viarengo knew where the state spends some of its tax dollars.

Maybe Mr. Viarengo can check with, say, President Bush and Gov. Schwarzenegger with the largest budget deficits in United States history, and question their usage of our hard-earned taxes.

Rather than question the respected Rand Corporation’s report on the state of public education in California, Mr. Viarengo’s alien-speak dribbles out ad hominem attacks on me (hack, irresponsible, liar). But then, if one resides on Titan, it is understandable that across-the-solar system transmissions might lead to garbled translations.

Dale Morejón, Gilroy

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