Getting the name right should be a lesson learned in J-101 class

Dear Editor,

I have a lot of respect for reporters, and I realize that their job can be stressful and challenging, however I have been pretty disappointed in the amount of errors the sports writers have made in their articles.

Having just graduated college with a degree in journalism we were taught that getting the correct spelling of a name is the first thing you do in an interview.

If a name was spelled wrong, we failed the assignment, simple as that. The girl in this picture is McKenna Logan, not Logan McKenna.

It is not hard to ask the coach for a roster of names and class standings, and I am sure Coach Williams would be more than happy to give it to you.

Misspelled names, incorrect class standing, and getting names backward are all pretty disrespectful to these girls. Please try to be more attentive of these errors.

Meghan Nowakowski, San Francisco

Editor’s note: Thanks for pointing out the error. Unfortunately, the photographer took her name verbatim from a roster given to The Dispatch by Coach Williams (and, yes, the roster began with everyone’s first name listed first.). That leads us to another important journalism rule, perhaps the most important: never assume. Our apologies to Ms. Logan.

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