Green Phone

Garcia and e-harmony?
Caller 1: I’m not even a huge sports fan, but I’m thinking maybe Jeff Garcia ought to take a look at his lifestyle and the company he keeps. How can you be focused on the game when you’re out dancing on tables and associating with young girls? Jeff, you’re not a young man anymore. Maybe you should try e-Harmony. You need to settle down, focus on the game, try to make something of your life. That’s my opinion.

Green Phone: E-Harmony? Are there karate-kicking Playboy bunnies available on that matchmaking Web site? If not, why not? Also, the assertion that Jeff hasn’t already “made something of his life” is somewhat mystifying to the Green Phone. He went from junior college football to the highest level of the sport, while in the process making millions and reaching three Pro Bowls, the pinnacle of his chosen profession. So yes, it’s been a tough year. Yes, we’re sure he’s made some decisions he regrets. But come on … in the end, I think we can all agree that the hometown kid has done pretty well for himself.

Caller 2: Just because Jeff Garcia likes to shop for his girlfriends in the nudie rack doesn’t mean I’m going to be looking at the nudie rack anytime soon, or some Internet site full of filth.

Green Phone: Sure you’re not, Caller 2.

Caller 3: Just calling because we’re 18 games into the ‘Balers basketball season and still there are no box scores, as promised. I don’t like to have to turn to the San Jose Mercury in the morning to see how the Hollister team did box score-wise. So it would be appreciated if you could start running those. Baseball and softball are right around the corner and I trust you’ll have box scores for those. I know the information is available because the Mercury has it the next day and also it’s posted on the very next day. Please incorporate that. We like to see how everyone did, not just Kyle Sharp. Thanks.

Green Phone: We expect you’ll be calling back soon, Caller 3 …

Caller 3 (Part Deux): Just calling to thank you for printing a basketball box score. Glad to see it. I appreciate you following up on the request.

Green Phone: Ah, there you are. Ask and you shall receive, Caller 3. Like you, we do believe the box scores are in important part of the coverage. With the league season now underway, we will be running boxes in the Gilroy Dispatch, Hollister Free Lance and Morgan Hill Times. No need to go to the Merc first.

Caller 4: Hi, I just wondered if you guys were ever going to print the scores of the Parks and Rec basketball games that have started. We’d like to see them in the paper. I know you do pretty well covering community sports, so it would be nice if we just had a little bit more. Anyway, thanks a lot.

Caller 5: I get the Dispatch every day, and every year I coach in the girls’ community league for the city of Gilroy. And the community league has started and all week I’ve anxiously been waiting to see if there was an article about the games that were played last Saturday. And there has not been. So I was wondering if you guys were going to cover these games. I coach the Lady Celtics of the girls’ basketball league, seventh and eighth grade, and I’d like to see some print for them in the local paper. It really motivates the ladies and the rest of the league, as they look forward to seeing their names along with the results in the local paper. I love the paper. I think it would be a great thing to do.

Green Phone: Ask and you shall receive, Callers 4 and 5 … we’re on the case. Look for those scores and game summaries just as soon as the appropriate officials get them to us. And apologies for missing the first weekend of games.

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