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Q: Why is rice thrown at weddings?
Q: Why is rice thrown at weddings?

A: Since early Roman times, some grain, usually wheat, has been associated with the wedding ceremony.

The bride either carried wheat, a symbol of fertility, in her hand or wore it in a garland.

As the bride left the church, grains of wheat were tossed at her, and young girls rushed to pick up the grains that had actually touched the bride.

These were believed to have the power to ensure the girl a wedding of her own in the near future.

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, the wheat wasn’t tossed at brides, but was baked into small cakes that were crumbled and tossed over the bride’s head. Later the cakes were replaced by one large one which was cooked and eaten.

This change, left the guests with nothing to toss at the bride, so rice was chosen, as at that time, it was cheaper than wheat cakes, and it was also clean and white.

– Douglas B. Smith,

‘Ever Wonder Why?’

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