Green Phone

You love us, you hate us, you have us on speed dial

Caller 1: I tell you what, I’m appalled by the fact that the local paper, the Gilroy Dispatch, is not providing any coverage to the community basketball leagues for the girls and boys and girls who play within this community. The city league is a very good, organized league and the girls and boys who play within the league enjoy the sport and dedicate a lot of time to playing the sport. It would be nice if a local paper could at least cover some of the community sporting events for the youth that happen within the community. I am very displeased that the Dispatch hasn’t provided any coverage. Not one article. Not one name or anything to let the community know these sporting events are happening and that the youth are participating. I’m thinking about cancelling my subscription to the Dispatch. I would just like to see some kind of local recognition for the athletic contributions the youth are providing for the city. Please investigate. Call Lisa Goncalo with the city community services youth sports program to get some information. I know the coaches fill out forms after every game and turn them in. However, the Dispatch is just not including them into the weekly articles they produce in their sports columns. So that’s my take on it. Hope to see something in the paper soon covering the community basketball league for the city of Gilroy.

Green Phone: Exhale, Caller 1. We apologize for not getting the scores into the paper for the first two weeks, but there’s a perfectly good explanation. No need to gather up the parents and pitchforks and encircle the Dispatch offices. We took up your advice and called Lisa Goncalo, the youth sports coordinator for the city of Gilroy. Like the two-man sports team at the Dispatch, Goncalo is in her first year on the job and said she wasn’t aware of the coaches filling out forms until after the first week of games. After the second weekend, she said she simply forgot because of the day off work from the Monday holiday. To make a long story short, Goncalo got us the forms this week and we ran the game results, along with the top individual performers, in Thursday’s sports section. We were more than happy to do it. The Dispatch is here to serve the community, and the sports pages are no different. While we might not have the resources to cover every single youth sporting event, we do have people out there in the community who can help us get these kids get as much coverage as possible. And remember, coaches … we need the full name of your outstanding performers, along with the final score of the game. Goncalo has promised us she’ll get these game forms to us every Monday and we promise you, our readers, that these results will be printed every week. We know you mean well, Caller 1, and we hope this helps explain the situation.

Caller 2: Hi, I was calling to see if you guys ever plan on running the National Junior Basketball League scores in the highlights.

Green Phone: We tried to call you back, Caller 2, but could never get a hold of you. We’d like to get more information on the league. Give us a ring at 842-1694.

Caller 3: Brett, great article on Brownell! Thanks for coming out and showing an interest in these boys and what they’re getting done on the court. We play two games this week that I will send you updates on if you don’t mind, and the big tournament starts on Feb. 1. Thanks again for your support. It makes the boys and their families happy.

Green Phone: No problem, Caller 3. We’re glad to see the kids and their families enjoyed the exposure. We felt the Bruins boys’ hoops team was just too good and too exciting to ignore. Believe us, folks – even GHS varsity coach Bud Ogden said he’s taken notice. Everyone else will soon enough. Along with the stellar teams at both the JV and freshman level, Ogden and the Gilroy program have plenty of bright days ahead.

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