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Gilroy’s own Hoosiers featured
Caller 1: This is K.C. Adams from Anchorpoint Christian High School here in Gilroy. We have a girls’ and boys’ varsity team that is doing very, very well. This is our first year in the community and we’d just like to invite you guys to check us out … put us on the map.

Green Phone: What a great story. We’d love to put this group on the map. The brand new school, located at the old San Ysidro site on Pacheco Pass Highway, opened its doors with only about 20 students. When a few of those students asked athletic director K.C. Adams about forming boys’ and girls’ basketball teams, he told them they first had to have the numbers. So that’s just what they did. All but two students came out to play and just like that a hoops program was born.

Who cares if some of the players had never played basketball in their life. Who cares if the team doesn’t have a gym. The kids practice a few times a week at the Children’s Home on I.O.O.F. and have traveled far and wide – from San Jose to Pacific Grove – to compete in games. And compete they have. “If you’d seen the first games to where they are now, it would blow your mind,” said Adams, who coaches both squads. “They’re winning on pure effort. We’re one big family going to work.” Competing in the newly formed Coastal Athletic League (mainly schools with less than 250 enrollment), the 12-man boys’ team has gone an amazing 10-2 with a league title still in sight. It’s a brother act with Anchorpoint – Victor and Adrian Rodriguez, Frank and Daniel Gutierrez and Robert and Joseph Apolinars are among the team’s best. Over on the girls’ side, there’s only been a few wins, but there’s also only seven players. Led by Vanessa Rodriguez and Tina “Tall Timber” Maroudas, the ladies are improving each and every game. Little numbers, big heart. For this, the Green Phone salutes the basketball players at Anchorpoint Christian.

Caller 2: In regards to last night’s Live Oak Acorns and Haybalers’ basketball game … geez, coach Kaplansky needs to take a chill pill. I think he’s really got his work cut out for him without Kyle Sharp in the game. It was obvious Eric Davis was trying to carry the team and he obviously didn’t have his shooting touch. I believe that coach should’ve pulled this player. He obviously couldn’t keep up with Live Oak’s Matt Van Keulen. He was deadly from the 3-point zone. Dean Wilkins, think he put him with about eight minutes left – maybe less than that – hopefully he’ll see some of these other players on the bench and incorporate them into the game. Eric obviously couldn’t carry the whole team, although I’m sure he has a heart as big as that basketball. Like I said, coach Kaplansky needs to take the sideshow off the sideline and coach these kids and play these kids who haven’t played and hopefully he’ll find another diamond in the rough.

Green Phone: If there’s another diamond in the rough, Gilroy kept it hidden for at least another day. The Mustangs took advantage of a Sharp-less Haybaler team and came away with a huge road victory Thursday night. Congrats to the boys in blue.

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Green Phone: 8.

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