You should be taking extra care when weather gets wet

Don DeLorenzo on playing golf during the rainy season
The game of golf is tough enough as it is. When you add another variable such as wet weather and long grass it gets darn right nasty. You must pay extra attention to playing golf in these times because the ball will react differently due to the wet grass.

Wet, long grass often gets caught between the club face and your ball, causing “flyers.” These are balls that come off the club with little or no spin and cause the ball to fly farther and bounce and roll more than usual when they hit the green.

Be prepared for that type of result if the conditions are wet.

Also pay attention to how wet the green is when you are pitching to it. It probably is not going to roll very much so you can take a more direct approach and fly the ball closer to the pin without the fear of it rolling too much. Use a high-lofted club like a sand wedge and throw darts at the flag rather than a pitch and roll shot that can get hung up in the wet grass of the putting green.

Wet, long grass also makes it more difficult for a club to get through it out of the rough. Take a higher-lofted club when hitting out of that stuff – especially during the wet winter months.

You will not have much success trying to hit a low-lofted iron or fairway wood. Use a mid- to high-lofted iron and you will be more successful.

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