Get ready for the Rotary Flower Sale

When’s the sale?:

Any idea when the Rotary Flower Sale at Goldsmith’s will be
having their big sale this year? Keep up the great work!

When’s the sale?: “Any idea when the Rotary Flower Sale at Goldsmith’s will be having their big sale this year? Keep up the great work!”

The Red Phone found out just for you, caller. It contacted Jack Pate and David Cox with the Gilroy Rotary and was told the Rotary Flower Sale will be held on Saturday, April 16, at Goldsmith Seeds on Hecker Pass Highway from 8am to 1pm.

“This is a major fund raising event for the Gilroy Rotary Club made possible by the generosity of Goldsmith Seeds,” Pate said. “Since Goldsmith Seeds is a wholesale seed producer, this is the only time during the year that these plants are available to the public. The proceeds from this event are used to fund the Goldsmith/Rotary Scholarship granted each year by the Gilroy Rotary Endowment Fund and for annual Community Grants made by the Gilroy Rotary Club.”

The Flower Sale is an annual fund raiser that takes place each spring. Along with the money Gilroy Rotary raises with the Wine Tent at the Garlic Festival, the annual Casino night and individual donations from club members, close to $100,000 is raised each year, according to Cox. Most of the proceeds support the local community. A smaller portion goes to support international service projects.

Traditionally, Gilroy Rotary has had a particular focus on supporting youth programs. These include enhancing the academic and artistic development of our youth. Leadership camps, youth music programs, scholarships and academic achievement programs all benefit from the financial contributions.

According to Cox, each spring for the past 35 years, Goldsmith Seeds holds its annual Spring Trials. During these trials, hundreds of new plants are introduced to the nursery/greenhouse industry and thousands are on display. In the humble beginnings, a few employees and friends would bring home a carload of flowering plants after the Spring Trials were finished. However, as the Goldsmith Seeds event grew, so did the number of plants.

About 15 years ago, Glenn and Joel Goldsmith and the leaders of Gilroy Rotary came together and the annual Flower Sale was born. Since its inception, tens of thousands of dollars has been raised to help support the ongoing need of service providers, schools and non-profits alike.

The types of plants you might see at the Flower Sale include Asters, Digitalis, Thunbergia, Argyranthemum, Calibrachoa, Impatiens, Osteospermum, Primula and Zinnia. One can look on the Internet at for more information about the Flower Fields.

Goldsmith Seeds is located at 2280 Hecker Pass Highway. Check out for information.

Not-so-free workshop: “On page A3 under digest, well first I really like the Dispatch and I love the Red Phone, but this is annoying me. It says ‘Improve computer skills in free workshop.’ The bottom of the first paragraph says the cost is $95. The bottom of the second paragraph for another class says cost is $85 plus $10 for material fees payable in class. Hmmm, free … $85, $95. I don’t get the free concept, but that’s OK. I still love the Red Phone and I still like the Dispatch.”

• “On page 3 under digest on the left hand side, it says, ‘Improve computer skills in free workshop.’ Those workshops are not free. Goodbye.”

Thanks for the calls alerting the Dispatch to the error. The Red Phone took note and alerted the appropriate editor.

Need more time: “I’m calling about the digest, the bulletin actually. I would like to see things like the Coyote Valley EIR meeting and the other one in here, the Perchlorate Advisory meeting. I’d like to see those in there a day ahead of time so that I have time to pencil those into my day. I’d like to make these meetings, but your newspaper is my primary source of finding these things out. And 5:30 or 6 in the evening is kind of late.”

The Red Phone agrees most people need a day’s notice to plan and has passed along your concern to the editor. Keep your eyes on the daily digest and bulletin for any upcoming meetings of note.

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