Dressing up dogs in little dog clothes

The other day, I saw something a bit disturbing at my local
Target. There, at the end of the dog food aisle, were tiny, little
jean jackets
– for tiny, little dogs.
The other day, I saw something a bit disturbing at my local Target. There, at the end of the dog food aisle, were tiny, little jean jackets – for tiny, little dogs.

And the worst part about this disturbing sight? There were several people oohing and ahhing over them and – even more disturbing – there were people BUYING them. For their dogs. Because making your canine wear a jean jacket is – to quote Paris Hilton, the diva of dog dressing – “hot.”

And not only is dressing your dog hot – dragging your pooch around in a little purse is also – to quote Paris once more – “really hot.” Does she have a way with words or what?

Anyway, this trend is a little strange. Maybe it’s just me, but aren’t dogs usually covered in fur anyway? So what’s the point of dressing them? I don’t get it at all – but there are people who do.

In fact, according to my extensive scientific research (okay, I spent three minutes Googling dog dressing), 24 percent of people dress their dogs DAILY. That means that somewhere on earth, there are people who wake up in the morning, shower and dress – in an outfit that coordinates with the one their dog is wearing.

Am I the only one who thinks this is a little weird?

And what about the poor dogs? Look, how would you like it if one day, you’re king of the neighborhood, a lively, macho dog, and the next day some woman is dressing you in a tutu and a jean jacket and trying to stuff you into a purse and carry you around town? It’s just not right.

Let’s be honest here. You would not a find a cat subjected to this. For one thing, if you even tried to put a cat in a tutu and a jean jacket, the cat will resist – with her claws.

And let’s not even talk about getting a cat to ride around all day in a purse. If you’ve ever tried to get a cat in a carrier for a vet visit, you know what I mean. And you are probably scarred for life.

But for some reason, dogs put up with this. I suspect it’s the treats. Look, dogs will do anything for food. In fact, I’m pretty sure that my dog would put the jean jacket and tutu on herself if she thought it would get her a dog bone.

And if she thought there was a treat – or even better, people food – in the bottom of my purse, she’d probably leap in and hang out all day in the hopes of getting even more forbidden leftovers.

At least that’s what I thought she would do.

Turns out my dog isn’t one of those canines that willingly runs around in a tutu. In fact, my dog is apparently one of a very stubborn breed who wants nothing more than to run around in just her fur, naked as a … well, naked as a dog.

Look, I started her off small. I put a little hat on her head – you know one of those pseudo-baseball caps that have little ear holes and a snappy band to keep it on. Well, you would have thought I had tried to chop her head off. She howled. She rubbed her head all over the walls. And finally, she sat on the couch (which is absolutely not allowed except when I’m not looking) and glared at me.

Yes, my dog glared. It was a glare that very clearly said, “Get this stupid hat off me or for my next trick I will forget I am housebroken.”

I don’t mind telling you, I was a little surprised by this attitude. For the most part, my dog is a pretty willing participant in anything that will get her a dog treat. Give that dog a snausage and she will be your pal for life. Her love for our family is given freely – as long as we don’t run out of dog biscuits.

But she refused to wear a hat. And frankly, after that glare, I was too scared to even mention the jean jacket. Or the fact that I figured I would wear mine and we could go on a walk dressed alike.

So I guess I will leave the dog dressing to the 24percent of the population whose dogs are not as stubborn as mine. Now if I could just get my dog to jump into my purse … hmmm, where are last night’s leftovers?

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