Questioning photograph policy

What’s the policy?:

I would like to know what the law is about a newspaper such as
yours printing a picture of a minor without the permission of the
parents. Thank you.

What’s the policy?: “I would like to know what the law is about a newspaper such as yours printing a picture of a minor without the permission of the parents. Thank you.”

The Dispatch’s policy is this: If a photo is taken in a public place, the photographer will approach the person – adult or minor – and ask for names. If the person, or if a parent is present, does not wish themselves or their child to be in the newspaper, generally the Dispatch will respect their wishes and not publish the photo.

However, in most cases, parents are more than happy to see their little one in the paper.

Note that it is perfectly legal for photographs to be taken on public property and published in the Dispatch. And many people order additional copies of the Dispatch when a familiar face is seen, which you can do by calling Chief Photographer James Mohs at 847-7140.

Get rid of that!: “This is regarding something that was etched on a little stretch of sidewalk on First Street. It says (edited) and I want to know if that can be repaired, be fixed, be taken care of. Thanks.”

Caller, unfortunately in order to repair the derogatory phrase directed at police officers, more specifics are needed about where it is located. If it hasn’t been taken care of already, let the Red Phone know exactly where the etching is and it will see to it that it is removed – even if it has to go out there itself.

Extra Info: “Having two children in Gilroy Unified School District schools, I appreciate the coverage that the Dispatch gives to education issues. I would to like make a correction though to a program name that was referred to in the article about demographics affecting API scores (API shows schools slipping, March 16).

“The Dual Immersion Program at Las Animas School is not only ‘for English Language Learners.’ Each class in the program is designed to have one-third ELL students, one-third bilingual students and one-third native English speakers. Many parents in the district may not be aware of this and therefore do not realize that this is a program that may be of interest to them and their child no matter what their native language is.

“Thank you for the opportunity to make this clearer to your readers.”

Thanks for setting the record straight, caller.

Stupid drivers: “I’d like to tell the blonde in the white Honda that was behind me today at the Las Animas Fire Station, where it says, ‘Keep Clear’ in the big block letters, that means not to pull in front of the fire station and to keep it clear. Thank you.”

Some people never learn.

Falling branch: “I’m calling a second time about a tree over here at 500 W. 10th St. It’s right by the mobile park estates. It’s the second tree from the driveway going west. There’s a big branch broken out of the tree, it’s hanging down and I’m sure the bugs will be getting in there and screwing up the tree. And the whole thing will have to be taken out of there. The leaves are just starting to come back so it’ll probably be easier to do it now before the thing is in full bloom. Thank you for taking my call.”

You’re welcome for taking your call a second time, caller. The Red Phone did get your call the first time around and was unable to get a response from the city. The second time, it again left a message regarding the falling branch, to no avail. If the branch is still hanging, perhaps your best bet would be to call the City of Gilroy Operations Department yourself, which takes care of situations with trees, at 846-0444, give them the specifics and voice your concern.

Readers: Everyone knows you love your local Red Phone. And it attempts to take calls in the order in which they are received. But keep in mind, sometimes it needs to make multiple phone calls to get a question answered or a comment. It thanks you for your patience.

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