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Q: Why do you have to cook lobsters alive?
Q: Why do you have to cook lobsters alive?

A: Shellfish, crab and lobster don’t have to be cooked live, but doing so helps to ensure the quality and consistency of their meat, said Rosy Bergin, owner of Rosy’s at the Beach in Morgan Hill.

“The reason you have to cook them live is because if they’re dead, their meat turns kind of mushy,” said Bergin. “If you cook them when they’re live, it’s much firmer.”

Cooking these animals whole also helps to seal in natural juices that flavor the meat, but it’s perfectly acceptable to cook particular cuts of the animals on their own – crab legs or lobster tails for instance.

For an extra treat, Bergin recommends having a side of crab butter with such a meal. It’s not real butter, but a yellow substance found in the gut of the crab that holds the same rich taste.

“You can set it aside and make a little curry sauce, or some people just warm it up and eat it that way,” said Bergin.

– Melania Zaharopoulos

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