Police and Fire Cuts

150901~Cut police and fire and Gilroy could repair sidewalks and
more—Dear Editor,
When we moved to Gilroy in the ’60s, Gilroy’s population was
around 8,0000 people. We had a fire department, police department,
excellent library and our streets were cleaned by the city.
I have lived in Gilroy all of my life (well over 30 years) I can’t say I care for the added development but life goes on and towns changed, it’s happened in many small towns all over the country.

I recall looking out my front door on princevalle street and seeing Christmas Hill park, and the local farmer who owned the property lettign us take a short cut to the park.

I remember the police Department as being pretty bad back then,but a certain man now being honored by naming the new police facility after changed things. The fire department was under staffed but always came when you needed them.

Asking to cut back on a budget for police and fire protection is absured! I think Gilroy has the most professional police and Fire orginazations in the county! They still do not have enough equipment or support to make them better.

Rather than cutting back on the departments I say cut other spending, on un needed programs and fix your sidewalks, Why not cut property taxes back a little and fix the sidewalks” Afterall the “conty” charges us a pretty penny to own a lot in Gilroy, the sidewalks are on county property so let them flip the bill for new sidewalks.

I would ratehr have a highly trained police officer or fire fighter respond to my emergency needs than to visit a Library seven days a week.

I do not mind paying for street cleaning becasue I don’t have to do it. and someone else does and should be paid for doing it.

Just my opinion.

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