Terri Schiavo

151370~Save Terri Schiavo’s life or consequences will be dire
for all—Dear Editor,
It’s Holy Thursday and we know that around this time 2,005 or so
years ago Jesus, when faced with execution
– when faced with a galling, unfair, outrageous execution –
submitted to the God’s will and halted one of His disciples from
inflicting harm on the enemy. He went the way of Golgotha like a
lamb to the slaughterhouse.
In a small way, I believe that Terri’s family is selfish. If they think she is in so much pain, why want her to live? In another way, I don’t think it’s right to starve someone to death, but Terri has been that way for fifteen years. That is absolutely no way to live. It is very sad to see her suffer but let nature take its course.

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