151370~Save Terri Schiavo’s life or consequences will be dire
for all—Dear Editor,
It’s Holy Thursday and we know that around this time 2,005 or so
years ago Jesus, when faced with execution
– when faced with a galling, unfair, outrageous execution –
submitted to the God’s will and halted one of His disciples from
inflicting harm on the enemy. He went the way of Golgotha like a
lamb to the slaughterhouse.
I read this post, although I feel for Terri, I think things have gone too far, the state has no right to interfear with a persons right to dir, and for a husband to fulfil his wifes final wishes.

Where do we draw the line on states intervention on our lives? If I comment to my wife that I do not want heroic measures taken to save my life, then she should have the right to make a decision about how I live or die in that type of case.

I do not think it is humane to let her die of starvation and dehydration.

Civil unrest in the name of the Lord is a SIN… GET THAT… A SIN!! God instructs us to SUBMIT to those who have appointed authority over us.

Civil unrest is ignorant! Protests are Ignorant. The family is handling things in the proper way THROUGH the court system. some may feel that they system has failed, however it hasn’t they have not crossed any line they are not nazi’s in robes.

Grow up and get out of the 60’s!

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