Subsidized Daycare

159949~All-day ‘K’ call tough to understand—In a district that
has big problems that are crying out for fixes
– low math test scores, harassment of students, gang activity,
poor communication with parents, labor strife, to name a few that
leap to mind – we can’t understand the apparent rush for all-day
All day Kindergarten amounts to nothing more than Federally subsidized daycare, as well as a lever for the School District to add more “full-time” students to the roles to bring in more Federal education matching dollars, so that there will be more dollars available to waste on the so-called “gang eradication” activities at GHS. Our school district has long been known for immediate knee jerk reaction rather than true prepared and structured change. I do not feel that the added strain put upon the youngest of students will result in any measurable gain for the students at all. It is always harder to “un-ring” a bell, however.

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