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160188~Postal service attitude adjustment—
I am glad to see a least one P M trying to back the carriers.

The customer is wrong when they think that a few steps do not make a difference. Everything that we do is timed to the second. I am given 1.86 min. a 6 day week to deliver to the curb side box. I am also forbidden to work over 2080 hours in a year. If I am going to work over 2080 in the year I am forced to take off without pay or I will have the size of my route reduced and make less money a year. The 2080 is 40 hours a week times 52 weeks in the year.

The public seems to think that it is OK to demand any type of extra service that they want and gets mad when someone fights about it.

Every time I get out at a blocked box I am doing something that I am not paid for and placing my self in danger of going over 2080 a year and having to take off without pay.

Blocked mail boxes do place an undo hardship on the carrier.

Robert Taylor

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