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Question Man, asked June 30 at Nob Hill grocery center

Would you vote for increasing the county’s 8.25-cent sales tax by a quarter-cent or a half-cent to raise money for transportation projects and social services?

I’m for the taxes. I see that a lot of people need the BART. And social services definitely, because we need to take care of people. There’s a lot of people out there that really need help.

Mary Archuleta, Gilroy, real estate agent

I just don’t feel like we’re putting enough funding toward that. If you shop here, you should sponsor some of those services.

–John Van Dyke, Gilroy, construction manager with South County Housing

I wouldn’t support them because neither affects me in any way. Therefore I don’t believe in increasing taxes.

–Nichole Kaczorowski, Morgan Hill, insurance underwriter

I think we pay enough taxes. I think the (state or federal) government should step up and help.

–Margaret Green, Gilroy, day-care operator

I’m against them. I think we already pay very high taxes.

–Pam Coy, Gilroy, dental assistant

I take care of homeless and indigent people. I’m usually all for those types of programs, but I’d really like to see what the money’s going to go for. And anything for transportation – I’m all for that. Our highways are congested enough as it is.

–Pam Bogie, Gilroy, St. Louise Regional Hospital

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