‘Me-first’ residents block mail boxes, then complain to authorities

Dear Editor,

It’s such a simple rule, actually. Don’t block the mailbox with your car. But in this selfish “me first” era, folks don’t like to do things that are inconvenient.

Dennis Chatham (who’s probably a very nice man) is a classic example of what’s wrong with our society. Dennis doesn’t want to follow the rules, so he’ll expend time and energy, organize a meeting and contact his congressman, and oh yes “go over their heads” to get things his way. Good for you, Dennis.

Isn’t it ironic that a man this driven won’t walk the extra steps necessary if he parks his car “legally.”

Folks like Dennis would never consider moving all of the mailboxes on the cul-de-sac to one side of the road, or one area and vowing along with neighbors not to park cars there, because that might inconvenience someone too.

Purchasing and installing cluster boxes wouldn’t do because then it would be Dennis Chatham’s problem, and he’s determined to make his wrongdoing someone else’s issue. Accepting his responsibility is inconvenient, so he intends to pass the inconvenience on. What better target than a large government entity? He’s bound to find support.

When the cost of a stamp increases to a dollar, and we all have to pay the price, Dennis, and sadly the others like him, can swell with pride knowing they played a role in it.

I know I won’t mind paying extra if I’m sure Mr. Chatham is no longer inconvenienced!

Patty Sears, Bloomington, IL

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