Postal carriers need a dose of common sense

Dear Editor,

I have worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 36 years in San Diego and will be retired soon. I read your article on a Web site and am amazed at the bad publicity.

The best thing for the carrier to do is deliver the mail (unless the carrier’s safety is in jeopardy) and notify a supervisor if a problem is ongoing. It appears that too many people are involved (including me).

The best publicity for any business is when positive “common sense” prevails. Communicating with the customer with a bit of “honey” usually is better than the muscle approach.

Longtime carriers have learned to keep “the book” away from the customers and keep them happy. The only thing the post office has to offer is “service” to it’s customers.

Carriers are supposed to get a half hour (unpaid) lunch everyday – a good carrier knows how to skip one minute of the lunch break to keep away from conflicts.

There are certain places in San Diego where most of the mail boxes are blocked by parked vehicles. Is the post office going to hold everyone’s mail? Are the customers getting mail? Yes. Is it harder for the carrier to meet standards? Yes. Somehow the mail is still behind delivered and the customer’s nest hasn’t been rattled. Maybe the supervisor can smooth out the problem. Sure glad I’m retiring!

Larry Aldeson, San Diego

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