Etiquette quiz

Take this etiquette quiz to see if you are a social whiz or a
1. At an important business lunch, you’re hoping to impress the
owner of your company, but there’s a dizzying array of silverware
in front of you. You:
Take this etiquette quiz to see if you are a social whiz or a party-foul-in-waiting

1. At an important business lunch, you’re hoping to impress the owner of your company, but there’s a dizzying array of silverware in front of you. You:

a) watch the company owner to see what he’ll do.

b) ask loudly what all this extra junk on the table is for.

c) work from the outside in. Come on! Doesn’t everybody know this stuff?

d) put a bun on each fork and make a little dancing hot dog man.

2. There’s a really, really cute red suit on the hanger in a department store. True, it’s pretty trendy, and it’s a little snug across the backside, but your husband says you look hot in this get-up. You:

a) see if the store carries the next size up. Sure, it may be trendy, but the bigger size gives it sophistication rather than blatant sex appeal.

b) blow your entire workwear budget on the ensemble and vow to shed a few pounds.

c) promptly place it in your workplace reject pile. The color may be great, but you can always find an accessory piece in that shade. If he likes the suit that much, he can always buy it for in-home use.

d) wear it to your next job interview.

3. You hang your clothes on:

a) plastic hangers

b) wire hangers

c) wooden hangers

d) hang my clothes? Are you kidding me?

4. When answering the phone at home, you say:

a) “Hello!”

b) “Hey! Wassup?”

c) “Hello! _____ residence.”

d) “What do you want?”

5. At a business seminar you happen to run into your old boss, the one you flipped off as you stormed out of the office when he fired you. You:

a) wave and nod to nonchalantly acknowledge his presence and give him a polite hello, if he says anything.

b) pretend you can’t see him and hope he goes away. When he tries to say hello, you ignore him.

c) walk up to him and, with as much composure as you can muster, say, “Hello, _____. Nice to see you again,” exchange pleasantries and walk away.

d) confront him about your termination, telling him exactly why it was unfair and where you think he can go with that information.

6. You’ve got a big presentation coming up on Monday. A new client is on the line and you think your stellar report may be just the thing to reel him in. You wear:

a) sacks and a long-sleeved shirt, both freshly pressed

b) khakis and a golf shirt

c) a suit

d) cargo shorts and a baggy T-shirt

7. There’s a job interview in your future, but you’re a bit strapped for cash. You borrow a suit that, miraculously, fits. You can afford one more item, before you fall back on nothing but confidence and good posture. What else do you need?

a) a manicure or a professional shave.

b) a new tie.

c) a great haircut.

d) a double shot of Jack Daniels. Duh!

8. You’re headed to a social mixer where you’re hoping to hob-nob with a few potential clients and maybe, just maybe, meet someone to help you trade up in your field. You:

a) grab a drink, chat with the boys for a while, meet a few customers and excuse yourself. You’ll have plenty of time to pass out business cards after dinner.

b) balance your snack plate on top of your glass, leaving one hand free to chow. When someone offers to shake hands you switch the plate over, wipe your hand

on your shirt and give ’em the grip.

c) skip the snacks and stick to chatting up potential customers. You don’t want to have your hands tied up with mini-sausages when it’s time to reach for your business cards.

d) hover over the snack table never letting anyone get within a solid foot and a half of the cheese dip. Mmmm … cheese dip.

If you chose …

Mostly A’s: You’re on the right track, but you may still have a few questions about the finer points of etiquette. If you’re really worried, consult a book on the subject or ask a trusted colleague for their opinion, but don’t second-guess yourself. You’ve done a good job so far.

Mostly B’s: Okay, okay, we know that you just graduated from college, but now you’re a big boy. Straighten up, take a look around and keep your eyes open. You’ll (hopefully) learn a lot about appropriate office behavior from your superiors. Don’t be afraid to ask discreet questions of your peers and mentors, such as where they think you should shop for office-appropriate workwear and any pointers they can offer on ways you can brush up your presentation abilities.

Mostly C’s: We bow to you, professional superstar! You may not know everything, but you at least know how to keep yourself from crossing the line. Here’s your gold star.

Mostly D’s: Um, we don’t know how to tell you this any other way: Get help. Now.

Sources: Marcia Doty, organization development consultant for Doty Development, and “Guidelines for Professional and Career Dressing,” by Annette D. Giacomazzi of Doncaster ‘elana Tanner Companies.