mail delivery problems

160188~Postal service attitude adjustment—
As a letter-carrier working for the post office ,the general public does not understand the time constraints your carriers are put under.You are to case and carry your route in 8 hours every day(2 hours in the office, just to case and pull down the route to take to the street,sign for accountable items,parcels etc.)Depending on the mail volume for any given day plus the carriers dps letters(1500-2500 letters which we never see until we pick them up on are way out the back doors),maybe a set of occupants,your carrier does not have any spare time to waste.If you block your mailbox you will not get your mail that day .(2-3days in a row)and your mail will be put on hold, plain and simple.That may not seem fair to some people, but if someone impeded them from doing their job under the time constriants we are faced with everyday they would understand believe me! My 2 cents

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