Parent counts the ways she loves GHS

Dear Editor,
I am very impressed with Gilroy High School and the education my
son is receiving there. In my career, I have been a teacher, a
principal and a director at the district office level.
Dear Editor,

I am very impressed with Gilroy High School and the education my son is receiving there. In my career, I have been a teacher, a principal and a director at the district office level. One of the facets of my job has been to review schools. With this in mind, I would like to list for you some of the factors that contribute to the positive, proactive and academically-charged atmosphere at Gilroy High.

• When I am on campus, administrators and yard supervisors are extremely visible. I always see administrators in the front of the school and the main exit when I pick up my son. I know they are there to closely monitor the behavior of students.

• The yard supervisors have been extremely respectful of, friendly to and firm with students.

• There is a relaxed feeling among the students. I do not feel a student tension on the campus … something I have often felt in high schools and junior high schools in other districts. It feels to me as if limits have been set and the students respect the limits … also, no evidence of gang attire.

• I am always referred to the office for a visitor sticker. Every member of the office staff that I have met has been friendly and very helpful.

• Each of my son’s teachers is genuinely concerned about the students and want them to be successful. No one has ever said, “I have 120 students, I don’t have time for this.” Each person takes the time. I can e-mail a teacher and he or she will respond within a day. Some teachers tutor students after school for free. The PE department allows students to make up a missed period before or after school, which requires the teacher to supervise them after hours.

• At the first parent meeting of the year, Principal Bob Bravo brought up the fact of low math scores. He then carefully reviewed a detailed plan that the math department and administration had developed to increase student achievement. He addressed the problem and presented the solution AND took questions for the large parent group. As a parent I was really happy with his approach.

• The monthly evening meetings with parents and various departments provide quality information and answer parents’ concerns/questions. I’m amazed with the high level of teacher participation.

• The Academic Advisors meet regularly with all students to inform them of the courses and grades necessary for admission to a quality university. This has a profound effect of my son. His grades and the classes he takes take on renewed importance to him.

• Edline and the Gilroy Administrator Daily Bulletins have been outright gifts. Our son either does not hear or pay attention to the morning announcements. He can look at them at home. With Edline we have had excellent teacher feedback. I can see if he is doing well or starting to slip and give him some kind of assistance right away. A big thank you to teachers for taking the time to be trained and to input the data.

• Other communication is also excellent … one month before STAR testing, there was a letter from the principal, a “heads up” about STAR testing, not only the upcoming dates, but the strong advice for 100 percent student attendance, the suggestion to change appointments if necessary, and to expect a follow-up packet in the mail. We also got phone calls about meetings, absence notices, etc. I have never seen such an excellent communication system.

• I also greatly appreciate the Honors and Advanced Placement classes and the fact that they are open to the entire student body.

• Staff seems to like, appreciate and respect the administration. The feeling I get is one of mutual support. Teachers and classified speak highly of the administrators to me … and they know me as just another parent.

• From the meetings I have attended, GHS seems focused on its goals and really moving forward. It is a large school and I think it is incredible that the administration and staff are able to stay on track with everything that goes on daily.

• The fact that Superintendent Edwin Diaz or Assistant Superintendent Jacqui Horejs, is present at so many school functions, speaks for and very involved, hands-on, and I think “a desiring of the best” for Gilroy High School and its students.

My heartfelt thanks to the staff of Gilroy High School for the excellent job they are doing for our kids.

Lin Corpus, former principal at Paradise Valley Elementary School, Morgan Hill

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