Postal workers invoke response

Mail carrier response: The Red Phone has received a few calls
regarding the recent May 28 article, ‘Do not dismount,’ both
chastising the postal workers and in support of them.
Mail carrier response: The Red Phone has received a few calls regarding the recent May 28 article, ‘Do not dismount,’ both chastising the postal workers and in support of them.

• “Hi, I’m calling long distance from South Dakota about your story on the mail. I’m also a mail carrier. May I suggest that your reporter go out with a mail carrier and see what it’s like. It’s not just putting the mail in the box. We can lose our jobs if we take too long to deliver the mail. And on rural routes, we don’t get paid by the hour. So every time we get out, we’re doing it on our own time. Would the mail customers want to work for free because of inconsiderate people who think they can park in front of a mailbox? Thank you.”

• “I just wanted to comment on the Saturday, May 28 paper on the ‘Do not dismount’ with the Gilroy Post Office not delivering mail curbside because of parked cars or garbage cans. One solution, someone should go out and paint the curbs red. We also have neighbors who park in front of our mailbox and what can you do? So have someone come out and paint all the curbs red. Thanks.”

• “Hi there. Just wanted to complain about our mail service on El Matador Drive. We did not get any mail delivered today, Tuesday the 31st, and at least four other neighbors did not, who have been here for 30 plus years in the same location. So obviously we’re really, really unhappy.”

• “Hey Red Phone. I just wanted to call and say I could not believe the photos of the mail woman in the paper. Does she not realize how much time she’s wasting by using her car to literally push the trash cans out of the way? And then for her to stretch out, really lean half her body out the little window to reach the mailbox? I mean, yes, I agree that there are a lot of inconsiderate people out there who park in front of the boxes without thinking about it, but c’mon. I don’t know if these workers are paid by the hour or salaried, but I have to say that I have a service job, similar to them, and I’m salaried and work extra hours every week. Am I paid overtime for it? No. But am I sacrificing my service to the customers who help to keep me employed? No. Perhaps it’s because I love what I do – not every day of course, but that’s life – and maybe some of these postal workers don’t. That’s sad. I hope the mail carriers, and not just the woman in the photos, but all of them stop and think about what they’re doing and are reprimanded for not sticking to any postal codes they may be in violation of. Thanks.”

For the latest on the Gilroy Post Office, take a look at Tuesday’s edition of the Dispatch or visit Since the original article ran, Postmaster Penny Yates has told the carriers they must now ‘dismount’ and deliver the mail. The postal carrier photographed for the original article, Patricia Finley, is also facing discipline for her actions. Thanks for the calls.

Firefighters get enough: “I’m pleased that the Dispatch and the City Council are fighting the fire department’s demand for 90 percent pensions and other goodies. I’m particularly pleased the City Council is considering taking arbitration back to the voters. I’d be happy to contribute money to that campaign. I can’t remember the last time Gilroy had a fire of any consequence. I think it would be helpful if the Dispatch would give the public a listing of fires over the last three years broken down into home, grass, kitchen fires, etc. I think it would also be helpful if the public was informed of the firemen’s perks that they already receive, such as COLAs – that’s the automatic cost of living increases – uniform allowances and possible food allowances while at the firehouse. I appreciate your listening. Thank you.”

Thanks for the comment and suggestion, caller. The Red Phone passed along your listing request to the City Editor for consideration.

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