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I just had to comment about this brouhaha regarding the
postmaster and the mail people in Gilroy not getting out of their
More on postal service: “I just had to comment about this brouhaha regarding the postmaster and the mail people in Gilroy not getting out of their cars. The first reaction I got when Postmaster Penny Yates changed her policy or changed her mind and reversed the dismount order, is that it was like Gomer Pile used to say on Mayberry, ‘surprise, surprise, surprise.’ And she’s trying to make it out that the Dispatch had a negative attack against them and that’s why they’re getting all this bad publicity. The fact of the matter is that she was telling her mail carriers to not dismount, which was in direct violation of the federal policy, so now she’s trying to get her mail carrier suspended over pushing the receptacles out the of way. I just think it’s ridiculous that she had that policy to begin with, that they shouldn’t dismount. … If she’d have just told her people to dismount to begin with … she caused her own trouble. Mail carriers should get out of their vehicles to deliver the mail. If she’d have said that in the beginning, we wouldn’t have all this trouble and she shouldn’t be trying to make an example out of this mail carrier.”

Thanks for the comment, caller. The Dispatch will continue to follow this story and will keep everyone updated when something new arises.

Not a Minor error: “Hi, this isn’t juicy, but I consider it quite a mistake in Saturday’s sports page. It has the boys’ Little League Minor American League champion as Cortex Precision Sheet, and that is not correct. They did not win the championship. It was Headstart Nursery. If you could fix this in the next edition. We on the Headstart team would appreciate that. Thank you.”

Quite a mistake indeed. The Red Phone passed your call along to the sports editor, who ran a correction in the sports section of Tuesday’s paper.

Where are the listings?: “I’m just calling to ask if you know why we don’t get to see the movie listings for Gilroy, Morgan Hill and Hollister anymore. It used to be in the newspaper and I wish we could see that again because I have to look online instead of the newspaper and I’d prefer the newspaper. Thank you.”

The Red Phone’s a little surprised, caller, as the movie listings haven’t been in the Dispatch since it changed formats last year. But regardless, theaters, if they choose to, now take out advertisements to show their listings.

Good job!: “I want to compliment you on three things. First of all, first thing I do when I open the paper everyday is turn to page two and I look at whatever photograph is there. They’re wonderful. It’s all about nature and I love the captions. Number two, I think it’s great that you’re recognizing students and teachers in the community that are doing an excellent job. Thank you so much for doing that. And the third thing is that I really appreciate your focus on the students of Gilroy and how they’re doing in their pursuits. The front page of the June 10 paper is a great example. Good job. Thank you very much.”

Wow! Thanks for all the compliments rolled up neatly in one phone call. You’re one of many Dispatch readers who’ve complimented it on the page two daily photograph. The Dispatch is pleased to offer the often rural photos taken by its own talented photographers.

And the Dispatch staff also enjoys bringing readers good news on local teachers and students, especially around the time of graduation, when students should be showcased for their achievements.

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