Parents very much appreciated

Dear Editor,

The seniors have graduated, the music has been filed away, the grades turned in and it’s now time to take a moment to reflect on the past school year. As I look back, I realize just how fast the years go by. I always begin in September reminding the seniors that graduation is “tomorrow,” so we better get to work right now and not waste one moment. When the month of May comes around, they realize what I meant by that comment back in September. Basically, the year is over, but there’s still so much left to do.

This has been another very full and exciting school year. Many of my students are moving on, but leaving behind some great memories, as well. Along with having to say good-bye to these graduating students, I have to say good-bye to some outstanding parents who have been very important to the success of the Choral Program at Gilroy High School. I am very lucky to be able to teach the fine students entrusted to me, but I am just as privileged to work alongside their parents.

During the many years that I have been a teacher at Gilroy High, I have come to appreciate and cherish the help that parents offer my choral program. To those of you who have given so much over the years, thank you and congratulations to your graduate. I am indebted to all you have done for the choirs at the high school. I do hope you all continue to come to future concerts and that you will take the time to reflect on the work you accomplished during the high school years to make the Gilroy High School Choral Program what it is today. The final song at the Pops Concert this year captured these “moments of reflection” best when 160 students sang “You’ll be in My Heart.”

AND, finally, to the parents of students continuing to sing at Gilroy High School and to the students and parents yet to come to the high school, I look forward to your support and faithfulness and to the future memories we will all be making together.

All the parents are greatly appreciated by this teacher! Thank you.

Phil Robb, Gilroy High School Teacher

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