Ever wonder 06/28

Q: Is a dog aware of how much time has elapsed since it last saw you? For instance, if I leave my dog in a kennel while I go on vacation, does he know if I have been gone for a few hours or a few days?

A: Sure, dogs have a sense of time, said Deleta Jones, a receptionist, technician and trainer for Gilroy Veterinary Hospital. But unlike humans, dogs don’t ponder time, wondering when you’ll be back, she added.

“They don’t sit there and go, ‘Well, he’s been gone more than one day now,'” said Jones. “They pretty much are just going to be happy to see you.”

Dogs do, however, suffer from boredom, according to Petco.com, and hours of being left alone with no source of stimulation can lead to nasty behaviors like barking, chewing, digging or house soiling.

To keep your pooch on his best behavior, make sure he gets plenty of stimulation when you’re home, from regular exercise and walks through new, interesting areas to time spent petting, praising and grooming, the site recommended.

– By Melania Zaharopoulos, Staff Writer

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