Whole lot of hypocrisy

Dear Editor,

J.G. McCormack, your hypocrisy is showing!

In your attack on Ms. Campeau (Letters – June 14), you paraphrase Rudyard Kipling to state “… If you can bear to see the words you have written twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, and you can keep your poise, then son, you’ll be a MAN.”

You’ve a long way to go, J.G., before you approach MANLY. You showed that you’re skilled at “twisting words” in a pathetic effort to bolster your myopic and meaningless viewpoint on life’s beginnings. You wrote, dishonestly but deliberately: “To Brescoll’s surprise, science has determined that life is perpetuated at conception and throughout the pregnancy.”

That’s not simply presumptive arrogance and ignorance , J.G., it’s a double lie! Science has determined no such fantasy and, since I have never met you, how would you know what, if anything, surprises me nor what my learning capacity is. When you write again be factual but, more importantly, be honest.

Sadly, you will write as though you’re knowledgeable and honest when, seeing beyond the convolutions of your narrow-minded bias, you’re running just another shuck-and-jive whose purpose is to ” … twisted [words] to make a trap for fools …” those who share your illusions without factual foundation.

James Brescoll, Gilroy

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