Beautifying the sound walls

Any beautification planned?: “Hi Red Phone. Now that we put up those horrendous sound walls on Santa Teresa, we have 7-foot ugly weeds growing against them and it’s terribly ugly. I’d like to know if the city’s going to at least make an attempt to beautify those sound walls. Thank you.”

According to Steve Beams, with the City of Gilroy Engineering Division, yes indeed, there are plans, but not until the Santa Teresa Boulevard widening project is done.

“As far as the landscaping around the sound walls and so forth, there is landscaping that is going to be going in, but obviously at the later end of the project,” he said.

And caller, take note: Beams delved into the size and scope of the upcoming landscaping project.

“Just to give you an idea, there’s going to be over 10,000 trees, there’s over 120,000 square feet – off the top of my head – of landscaping on that project. That’s roughly the size of the Super Wal-Mart that’s going in. So there’s 120,000 square feet of landscaping with 10,000 trees planned and then obviously all the lighting and center median and concrete work and so forth. It is extreme and it’s going to be a pretty good sized landscaping project.”

Pits and more: “I wanted to call and reply to the request for responses on pit bulls. I too think that they are dangerous and that you never really know what they’re going to do.

I think that one person made a valid point that the dogs who attack, the owners always make comments about how they took care of them and don’t know why they’d attack. That just goes to show, like the person said, that it doesn’t matter how they’re raised. It doesn’t. There are some animals that just have a natural instinct, and pit bulls are one of them. Laws need to be created to protect the children and everyone else. And also people who let their dogs off-leash around the public, like at parks, are just asking for trouble. I hope they keep in mind that if, per chance, something happens and the dog bites someone, they’re automatically at fault because the animal was not restrained. Thanks.”

Your point has been made. In case you missed it, check the story on today’s front page. Thanks for calling in.

Readers, have your say! What do you think about owners allowing their dogs off leash at local parks? Does it make you nervous? How do you feel about pit bulls and laws being created to curb the breeding of them? Just let the Red Phone know at 842-9070 or [email protected]

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