Latino vote going to the Democrats? Hardly!

Dear Editor,

I beg to differ with Mr. Elias, columnist. I was born and raised in Gilroy and have a different opinion regarding the “Latino vote.” At one time illegal aliens took only the jobs Americans didn’t want. This is no longer case. I am a millwright journeyman welder. I joined the union because I could not compete with illegal alien welders for non-union jobs. They will work for less and accept a hazardous work environment.

The reason I got a job at Indian Motorcycle was that Indian Motorcycle checked documentation of its workers after the 9/11 attack and lost the majority of its welders because they were illegals. I challenge anyone to go to any state or county social agency or even the Department of Motor Vehicles and see who the majority of their customers are. Now on the government infrastucture, all these state-run agencies exist because of our tax dollars. Instead of downsizing or finding a more efficient means of operation the state employee unions and the Democrats solution is to increase taxes.

All that anti-Schwarzenegger propaganda you hear and see on the media is funded by our tax dollar. The pay, overtime pay and benefits that state employees receive would make a congressman envious. Compare your salary to what a state, county, local government employee makes and then realize it’s your tax dollar that’s funding it.

This “Latino Voter” is going to vote this special election day and it won’t make the “progressive socialist” side happy.

Victor Valdez Jr., former Gilroyan

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