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After two years, do you support the war? Has your opinion
1. Eric Alexander, 45, carpenter, from Hollister

“Nothing has changed and I don’t support the war. I don’t agree with it. It’s wrong – because there’s no reason for us to be there.”

2. James Hughes, retired stationary engineer, from Gilroy

“Oh yes, (I support the war.) I’ve been there. I was there when the fires were burning. At the time I was in the Merchant Marines and bringing food to the troops.”

3. Mary Nasiatka, retired, 72, from Gilroy

“I’ve never supported the war. I support the troops but I do not support the war.”

4, William Raflowski, member of the labor international union – currently unemployed, 50, of Gilroy and Alaska.

Does not support the war. Never has.

“We got our hands in too many foreign countries as it is. I think we ought to care about our people here. I think we should take care of our own.”

5. Brianna Gray, student, 17, from Gilroy

“I support the war, (and) yes I have from the beginning.”

6. Scott Fitzhenry, 19, student, just moved to Gilroy from Milpitas.

“No I don’t support the war,” he said. He has never supported it. “It’s just not right that people in power get money off it.”

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