Green phone 8/5

CALLER 1: Hi, I’m calling in regards to Thursday’s story about the Watsonville Aggies going to the Babe Ruth World Series. I just wanted to let you know that Gilroy catcher Chris Hernandez is not the “lone” Gilroy representative on that team. Even though he went to Live Oak, the Aggies’ pitcher Dave Newton is also from Gilroy. Either way, good luck to those two guys in Ohio. Thanks, bye.

GREEN PHONE: Caller 1, you’re right. Dave Newton is also from Gilroy, bringing the grand total of players on the Aggies from the Garlic City to two. Thanks for keeping us on our toes. By the way, Newton was drafted by the San Francisco Giants but chose to continue his college baseball career at West Valley.

CALLER 2: Hey, I read Ana Patejdl’s column on buying a road bike and I was just curious, because she didn’t mention it, what model bike did she buy? Can you find out? Thanks.

GREEN PHONE: Good question, Caller 2. Ana informs the Green Phone that she is the proud new owner of a 2004 Trek 1500. You may be thinking, cool, Lance Armstrong rides Trek. Yes, but Ana’s bike is quite a few notches below (surprise) Lance’s special-made Trek: The Madone SSLX. That bike will be available for regular customers to buy in 2006. But you better start saving now. Ready for the price? $10,000. Ana has also asked the Phone to tell everyone that the most informative and thorough “How to buy a road bike” guide she found on the Internet is, coincidentally, on the Web site of Sunshine Bicycles (, which is located right here in Gilroy. The guide explains all the technical aspects of road bikes that she didn’t have the space (or the knowledge) to write about.

CALLER 3: What’s the story with the new Gilroy High football field? Is it going to be ready for the football season? It looks like they’re still working on it.

GREEN PHONE: The football field will be ready for the fall sports season, Caller 3. Crews are just putting the finishing touches on it at the moment.

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