Good Work Gilroy Police

The following organizations and individuals deserve either
CHEERS or JEERS this week:
The following organizations and individuals deserve either CHEERS or JEERS this week:

CHEERS: For Gilroy Police Detective Mitch Madruga who has snared a few sex offenders by setting up Internet sting operations. Jason Bell, who thought he was going to meet a 13-year-old Gilroy might increase traffic into San Benito County. Given San Benito County’s economic woes, supervisors should be welcoming traffic – and figuring out ways to take advantage of it. The intersection of Highway 156 and Highway 152 is an absolute traffic nightmare, not to mention a magnet for a terrible auto accident tragedy. the design makes sense from a traffic and a cost standpoint. Our neighboring county supervisors should quit quibbling and start advocating for a swift completion to this project.

CHEERS: For the smooth start to fall classes at Gavilan College. Community College is still the best value in education, and students can still sign up via telephone (846-3729) through Sunday.

JEERS: For gas prices that keep going up. When is America going to invest in technology that will free us from the dwindling supply of oil and power our vehicles efficiently?

CHEERS: For the community which passed the bond measure that has funded all the improvements at Gilroy schools, including the new field at Gilroy High School. Mustang Stadium has never looked better. The students and community should be proud of the new turf field – as well as all the wonderful capital improvement projects.

CHEERS: For the opening of Kohl’s Department Store in Gilroy. It’s nice to have a new, high-quality choice in town.

JEERS: For the news that the vandals who broke into Antonio del Buono School, set off fire extinguishers and spray painted graffiti on Aug. 4 have not yet been charged. Let’s gather the evidence – fortunately these young “intelligent” ceitons took pictures of themselves vandalizing school property – file the stiffest charges possible and force them to pay restitution.

CHEERS: For the Gilroy City council which is considering a push to build the 10th Street Bridge that will span Uvas Creek and connect the west side of the city with the largest housing development in our history. Councilman Paul Correa is on the right track with his concerns about waiting until the end of the Glen Loma Ranch project to build the bridge. This topic should move up on the Council’s priority list.

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